Welcome to Sociable Museums!

Sociable Museumsis a non-profit research project, an information resource and a professional network to share experiences, exchange information and develop resources about Sociable Technologies in Art Museums from all over the world.These new ways of communication are valuable tools for Art Museums interacting with their audiences. From this point of view, Sociable Museums explores and documents their use, impact and possibilities.In addition to this Blog, Sociable Museums project is composed of a Wikispace, a Listible Space, a Photo Project and a list of Reference Websites.

  • Sociable Museums Wiki is a work in progress Wiki Site to check and add the improvements that Art Museums are addressing in terms of Sociable Technologies, such us blogs, wiki spaces, podcasting, vodcasting, etc. I encourage you to check the list of museums, add and update the information.
  • Sociable Museums List is a work in progress complementary to Sociable Museums Wiki. It is a Listible space where creating a list of Art Museums working with Sociable Technologies.
  • Sociable Museums Photo Project is a work in progress Flickr Site to exhibit visitors’ photographic experiences and personal visions in and about Art Museums.
  • Sociable Museums Reference Websites is a work in progress delicious Site where checking, sharing and contributing to our recommended websites about Sociable Technologies in Art Museums.

As you can see, apart from reading and posting on this Blog, you can also enjoy a wide range of complementary resources.

Language is an important issue of this project. This Blog uses English and Spanish, so you can use any of both languages to make your contributions. However, I would really appreciate you to add also a translation to your original text and/or to collaborate with us translating other’s posts, attaching your translations as comments to the originals.

Note that I am currently working on the development of this site, so maybe you will notice some upgrades that should be done. Please, do not hesitate to make suggestions about them: I will be happy to receive your feedback. I encourage you to join this community, use its resources and enrich this site with your participation.

Finally, a reminder: do not forget to add and update in the Wiki the information about your Art Museum or your favorite castings in them. I am looking forward your contributions!

Interesada en los contenidos y en las personas.

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