Map of Museums in Libya

These last days I have been very busy trying to find information about museums in Libya to ellaborate a map of museums in that country.

Unfortunately, the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM) is not including in its website information about Libyan Museums. However, they are wonderful institutions which specifically need of more visibility to be recognized as they should be in the international landscape. That is the reason why after an intense search in the Social Web, I have elaborated this map which gathers and places all museums we are aware of.

Now, thanks to the Web 2.0 tools, it is my pleasure to share this map of Libyan Museums. Do not forget to check e-artcasting Photoproject and add your comments and tags to the image.

Images: lamusediffuse: Map of Museums in Libya, 2006

Interesada en los contenidos y en las personas.

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3 comments on “Map of Museums in Libya
  1. Anonymous says:

    >I posted this on , but i’m repeating it here for reference and just in case u don’t go back there. You can delete it or rewrite it if u like.AA,I had completely forgotten about that small museum in the downtown it is an old Arabic house no larger than 100 square meters and only has a fountain in the middle and some mosaics, its in ageeb street.As for Tolemais it isn’t in Benghazi it is 110 km away from Benghazi it was the port city for the city Marj which is 100 km from Benghazi. You are lucky as I was just chatting with a friend of mine and it turns out he was camping there on Friday. he will send me some pictures he took of the museum on Friday, and i’ll forward them to you if he keeps his word, because the internet connection is bad so it can be hard.In the mean time here are some pictures i found in a forum of Tolemais and some other museums including Qasr Libya museum which has the largest mosiac in the middle east:museums in the green mountainsthis is the link i used to search for them it has Tolemais written in arabic (google) u might want to do more searching :طلميثةand this is a video of the museum on you tube you’ll also find links in the related section of other sites and museums :youtube of tolemais If my friend sends his pictures as promised I’ll forward them later.salaam

  2. Anonymous says:

    >in the picture u have “Qasr” between tripoli and benghazi ? if u are refering to Qasr libya which i just sent u a pictue of it is 30 KM west of albeida which is approx. 35~40 km west of cyrene (cyrene is approx. 5-10km away from beida)

  3. >Thank very much for your collaboration. This is really helpful.Be sure that we will modify our map to better locate the Tolemais Museum at Marj in addition to a more accurate location of Qasr.Taking this wonderful opportunity, we would be really glad if you provide us more information about some of your comments.What do you exactly mean with,”I had completely forgotten about that small museum in the downtown it is an old Arabic house no larger than 100 square meters and only has a fountain in the middle and some mosaics, its in ageeb street”?Are you speaking about The Museum of Islamic Art at Tripoli?The YouTube link you wrote doesn’t seem to be working. Did you mean this video?Do not forget that you can add your accurate information at our wiki. Besides, you can also add comments and tags to the image at e-artcasting Photoproject.Shukran,lamusediffuse / e-artcasting

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