>What people say… About El Prado Museum


The video embedded on the post in Spanish depicts the times in which there was neither Social Software nor internet and when TV was almost the only way to reach new audiences for museums. The recording was broadcasted some decades ago on TVE, the public television of Spain, in the times when there were only two TV channels and both of them were public. They were also times when smoking on TV was allowed 😦

Thanks again to the Social Software we can enjoy this debate on the El Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. The prestigious and unfortunately deceased art critic, Santiago Amón, discussed its mission, architecture and its art works climate conditions. We find especially interesting his advanced ideas about the advisability of urgently connecting museums with universities and other study institutions to train museum professionals to work and manage museums in Spain.

We wonder if such a media coverage on art museums could be possible nowadays. What it is certain is that Amón’s concerns addressed a hot debate these days in Spain, as the articles compiled at the blog of the Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo reflect.

Video: Debate sobre el Museo del Prado en TVE, added on February 28, 2007 by kmalevich


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