Fulbright photo of the month

Fulbright photo of the month


After my intensive course of International Cultural Policies at Columbia University you can see me here in a plane, with my very Spanish fan, and heading to Chicago to spend my Summer Term. I was travelling to take a course of specialized English writing for museums at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and I was feeling very excited about studying at that gorgeous and prestigious school in addition to spend the summer in Chicago, absolutely “My kind of town.” It definitively was a unique academic and personal experience that I highly recommend.

About to take off, Bassam took this photo and sent it to the Fulbright Program. Eventually it was published as “The photo of the month” on the April 2007 newsletter. I have to admit that I feel proud of showing our Spanish wit in the shape of my fan: portable, environmentally friendly, silent, and ready to use whenever the air conditioned of any plane is not working.

Interesada en los contenidos y en las personas.

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Pilar Gonzalo

Cultural manager with solid experience in strategic planning and executive management of international teams, both from public and private sector, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Specialized in cultural communication and facilitation strategies for online communities and organizations and deeply focused and involved on fostering cultural policies of good governance, accountability, results measurement and responsible finances in Spanish cultural organizations.

Currently, Director of the Forum of Culture and Best Practices in Spain (www.culturaybuenaspracticas.org) Also, working for Reina Sofía Museum at the Communication Department and teaching at Cátedra Inditex. Master in Social Responsibility. La Coruña University.

Formerly, Excecutive Director of Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) and lamusediffuse.


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