>How to know if your museum is Web 2.0


Tired of reading the always ultimate-definitive advice about building Web 2.0 audiences and continuing without any tool to assess the potential of your museum? If you want to know if your museum is Web 2.0 friendly without hiring the services of any expensive consulter, try by addressing those simple steps,
  1. Buy some sticky label paper for printing,
  2. print the designs listed below,
  3. match your staff members with their correspondent stickers,
  4. encourage your staff wearing the stickers with pride
To match your people with their stickers, just follow these guidelines,

For Registrars

Generated Image

If your registrar is really, really cutting-edge, try with this other,

Generated Image

For Curators

Generated Image

If your curator truly loves hanging our with other staff members, try a step forward,

Generated Image

For Educators

Generated Image
If your educator organizes activities other than “for kids,”
Generated Image

For Directors

Generated Image

If your director thinks other than only on fundraising,

Generated Image

For Board Members

Generated Image

If your board members are truly mission-focussed,

Generated Image

Finally, do not forget taking some photos and posting them on your museum blog!

(Thanks to the Tech-CH Blog guys for providing this wonderful tool)



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