Can ART be experienced on a phone?


Mobile technologies are becoming a must among art museums from all over the world. A huge variety of devices are regularly offered to visitors for an enhanced experience of their on-site visits

Cell phones, iPods, PDAs, etc. are the very new substitutes of the not so old museum audioguides. Users find some advantages using their own devices: they can use them at any moment and place, in other words: not only in the museum physical space and opening schedule. Besides, museums can save a huge expense in maintenance and updating their technology. Museums only have to provide contents suitable for being downloaded from their websites.

But can these technologies substitute on-site experience? Listen David Lynch’s opinion about seeing films on a cell phone and try to remember your own daily experience with art museums.

I personally agree with Lynch’s opinion and with Steven Spielberg’s dislike about seeing films on the screen of a computer. However, thanks to these alternative ways of experiencing art, sometimes I could have that (incomplete) experience that otherwise never had been possible.


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