Two days ago “El Blog del Guerrero” by Centro José Guerrero in Granada (Spain,) published an article on Artforum Video, the new section of Artforum compiling a selection of videos available on social media. Although the initiative could present some issues on artists’ permissions and I agree on that (“some kind of permissions disclaimer should appear on ArtForum, since the authority of their site’s curation outweighs its source;”) I consider it a good understanding of the benefits that social media can provide to the art world. In fact, during the past months at lamusediffuse we have being doing something similar.

lamusediffuseTV is a group of YouTube Playlists on relevant topics of museums. From specific areas of the world to common topics, lamusediffuseTV tries to present a curated vision of museums at YouTube. We encourage you watching them and sharing with us your reactions and any other video you considered interesting to add at lamusediffuse’s channel. Maybe, if you are planning any visit during this summertime you should check first our lamusediffuseTV – Queues at Museums. Discouraging, but soooooooo real…


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