Fulbright goes 2.0

La Comisión Fulbright de España (Comisión de Intercambio Cultural, Educativo y Científico entre España y los Estados Unidos de América) le está dando un nuevo impulso a su comunicación online. A través de sus canales en redes sociales, está poniendo en valor uno de sus principales activos: las personas que conformamos su red de becarios. Así que ahí estamos, apoyando la causa.

Interesada en los contenidos y en las personas.

Posted in España-USA, Fulbright, Social Media

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Pilar Gonzalo

Cultural manager with solid experience in strategic planning and executive management of international teams, both from public and private sector, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Specialized in cultural communication and facilitation strategies for online communities and organizations and deeply focused and involved on fostering cultural policies of good governance, accountability, results measurement and responsible finances in Spanish cultural organizations.

Currently, Director of the Forum of Culture and Best Practices in Spain (www.culturaybuenaspracticas.org) Also, working for Reina Sofía Museum at the Communication Department and teaching at Cátedra Inditex. Master in Social Responsibility. La Coruña University.

Formerly, Excecutive Director of Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) and lamusediffuse.


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