What Museums Say… about Seattle Art Museum

This post is the first one in English of the series “Lo que los museos dicen…”, which in its English version is called, “What Museums Say…” This section shows a different point of view to the so called “User Generated Content” (UGC) by featuring what art museums are saying -online- about themselves.

One of the most interesting approaches to this problem is checking how museums are advertising themselves. As you will keep watching in future posts of this section, there are lots of wonderful and very creative examples of self-introductions by art museums. One of my favorites is this one by Seattle Art Museum, USA, posted by coleweber, I guess, the author of the featured spot. I t is my belief that this is a good spot because it is focussed on museum visitors’ experience and not on, as often used to happen, what museums do, have, want, etc. Here I can feel what is going to happen to me if I visited Seattle Art Museum, because when I visit art museums, I not only used to learn, mainly I have experiences. Here you can have yours. Any comments on how to interpret this video?

If you also understand Spanish, do not forget checking the topics section of the right column, and clicking on some other examples of Museums talking about themselves at “Lo que los museos dicen…”; or, why not, people speaking about museums at “Lo que la gente dice…” and its equivalent in English, “What People Say…”


Two days ago “El Blog del Guerrero” by Centro José Guerrero in Granada (Spain,) published an article on Artforum Video, the new section of Artforum compiling a selection of videos available on social media. Although the initiative could present some issues on artists’ permissions and I agree on that (“some kind of permissions disclaimer should appear on ArtForum, since the authority of their site’s curation outweighs its source;”) I consider it a good understanding of the benefits that social media can provide to the art world. In fact, during the past months at lamusediffuse we have being doing something similar.

lamusediffuseTV is a group of YouTube Playlists on relevant topics of museums. From specific areas of the world to common topics, lamusediffuseTV tries to present a curated vision of museums at YouTube. We encourage you watching them and sharing with us your reactions and any other video you considered interesting to add at lamusediffuse’s channel. Maybe, if you are planning any visit during this summertime you should check first our lamusediffuseTV – Queues at Museums. Discouraging, but soooooooo real…

Lo que los museos dicen… del Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao

Sin lugar a duda, los museos están cambiando su forma de concebirse y presentarse. De meros contenedores de objetos han pasado a tomar conciencia de que, además, son la comunidad a la que se deben y que les visita y conforma. Se trat pues de una idea muy ligada a las nuevas formas de relación social propiciadas por las tecnologías sociales de interacción y participación a través de internet. Debido a estos cambios y a que los propios museos y los profesionales que en ellos trabajan desean también presentarse y contar lo que hacen, voy a comenzar con otra sección denominada “Lo que los museos dicen…”

Un buen ejemplo de esta nueva forma de entenderse por parte de los museos lo ha protagonizado el Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, quien para conmemorar su centenario ha utilizado como imagen la esencia de su naturaleza: sus visitantes y usuarios. Y es que las propuestas más modernas no tienen por qué ser patrimonio exclusivo de los museos de corte más contemporáneo.


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