Cultural manager with expertise in Contemporary Art and solid experience in strategic planning and executive management of international teams, both from public and private sector, businesses and nonprofit organizations. Currently, Director of the Forum of Culture and Best Practices in Spain (www.culturaybuenaspracticas.org).

Specialized in cultural communication and facilitation strategies for online communities and organizations and deeply focused and involved on fostering cultural policies of good governance, accountability, results measurement and responsible finances in Spanish cultural organizations.


I graduated from University of Salamanca in 1993 and since then I have not stopped learning. Learning plays a fundamental role in my scale of values, so I can currently credit a broad academic background that took me through many cities, some countries, and a lot of intellectual intricacies.

During several years I taught as a university professor and wrote about contemporary art with passion. However, chance and curiosity also led me to some other fields. That is why I discovered that nonprofit cultural management -understood as analyzing the problems of organizations, setting strategies and implementing them in fields such as communication, cultural mediation and knowledge management- it is an activity that fits my abilities very well.

My last great adventure happened thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Culture wich provided me with the opportunity to: specialize in web communication technologies and social participation for museums and art centers, working at MoMA, and experiencing life in two cities, so intense and rich in nuances as New York city and Chicago, in addition to a short preacademic course in Philadelphia.

Since I came back to Spain, I enjoy living in the center of Madrid and walking every morning to my job at Museo Reina Sofía. The sunny mornings of this city and the bustle of people taking their breakfasts in the cafes, provide me unsurpassed energy.

If you feel curious about my background and previous professional activity, you can find more details in my Linkedin profile: http://es.linkedin.com/in/pilargonzalo


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